Bombseeds or Seedballs. Leafy is a green shop where you can purchase seed balls. Just simply throw seed balls into the wild and nature will do the rest. Seed balls can turn naked land into the forest, help to grow wildflowers for pollinators on which our ecosystem depends. With seed balls, all you have to do is throw, no digging no mess.
Here is the link to my bombseeds shop Leafy.ie.

Curious in Information Technology

When it comes to computers, I’m extremely passionate about them. It is this passion that helped me decide to return to school—almost 12 years after graduating Hospitality College. My tenacity and drive to invest in myself has been evident through work in the classroom and on campus.
Keep reading to find out more about Aleksei’s story, his career goals, and his advice for future students.


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. WTF Taekwondo or Olympic-style taekwondo where i was able to secure my black belt within 4 years. Taekwondo has taken over my life and changed it completely. It’s not just a sport, it’s also a life style choice. I enjoy this hobby because it relieves my stress out. I am proud to be a black belt in Taekwondo and I’m also proud that I represented Ireland.
Many thanks to the best coach in Ireland and my mentor John Kelly.

chef aleksei

Good cooking doesn’t always come naturally, but when skill’s and/or talents are perfected strengths such as cooking can become fun or even a hobby. Good cooking is something that takes time and skill and good cooking can’t be rushed otherwise the food does not come out the way it is supposed to.
Being a good chef is not that hard, but being creative and passionate one that what make you stand out from the crowd.

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