2014 Object Oriented System Analysis-
By exploring The Unified Modeling language for modeling software engineering which provides visualization of system design.
object oriented system analysis project Presentation
2014 Business Information Systems- "Spectrum Technologies". Design of infrastructures and services.
BIS project Presentation
2015 Learn to Learn- Innovations and technology. Online booking system and mobile App.
2015 Social Media- "Intel Corp, INTC". Social Media and Digital Marketing.
social media report Presentation Presentation
2016 Web and User Experience- Website: Sports. word
2016 Web Design and Development- online CV using HTML5 and CSS. word
2016 Web Development- The website. Design the dynamic pages using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, Play Framework, Scala, Oracle Database.
retro gaming consoles retro gaming consoles
2016 Advanced DataBase. Use case scenario- Database implementation. Database
2016 Information Technology Service Management. Use case scenario- IT Infrastructure. ITSM report
2017 Final Project- Windows Azure Active Directory, Authentication and Single Sign-On. Presentation
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